About Quinn

Aspiring math/CS wizard. Favorite fiction is HPMOR, favorite nonfiction are Replacing Guilt and Software Foundations.


Auditing and formally verifying protocols around the Cardano ecosystem.

I host the Technical AI Safety Podcast


Reach out over email at quinnd at tutanota dot com

Or on discord at quinn#9100

Some old questlines

Social Media Analysis Toolkit

Our targeted userbase is researchers and activists who specialize in disinformation, radicalization, and election meddling. The app queries public social media data and serves visualizations and datasets. I seeded the codebase and was largely responsible for early iterations of the app. Check it out on GitLab.

COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics

Discrete-time SIR modeling of infections and recovery. I was a programmer and project manager on the team (view PRs).

My beliefs and values

Briefly, I tend to believe that
  1. Believing true things is hard. You're better at accomplishing your goals when your model of the world is accurate, so it's desirable to believe true things. This takes a lot of effort, but it's worth it.
  2. Sentience is in dire straits. Evolution's optimization algorithms outputted an alarmingly small number of going-to-the-moon music-making creatures, and the ones that are around might totally blow it. Risk of permanently curtailing the opportunity to flourish is called existential risk or x-risk. In addition to direct x-risk, I think we're facing a gigantic crisis of epistemic security or what some call epistemic competence. Besides extinction, there are also outcomes worse than extinction on the table, i.e. what happened to cows, pigs, and chickens.
  3. Sentience could do awesome things. We've barely scratched the surface of beginning to appreciate how to start to conceptualize what real flourishing might look like.
The things I think are important are
  1. Preserving the ability for sentience to win
  2. Increasing what it means for sentience to win
  3. Increasing the circle of who's winning we care about
  4. Shrinking the domain of suffering
We have a lot to do.

I was an artist before I was an aspiring computer scientist

Some really old questlines. I was a composer, film producer, theater artist, improvisor, and all around organizer in Philly's music scene 2013-2016.

I assembled a libretto, composed music, and designed the set for this piece in 2013

In 2014 I was a composer and producer (all around logistics/coordinator) on this feature film by Carman Spoto.

In 2015 I commissioned and premiered on guitar this piece by Jesse Austin alongside Michael Tan on piano